Caruana wins Tata Steel Chess with one round spare! Magnus ends Second

Fabi wins 2020 Tata Steel Chess tournament with one round spare. In the round 12 after his win, he secured his first place. While Magnus has an unbeaten strike of 120 games.

In round 13, however, Magnus Carlsen played against Wesley So. This game has also ended on a draw. GM So with white pieces opens with e4 and the game played is Four Knights Game: Scotch Variation Accepted. 

Magnus Carlsen and Wesley So
Magnus and Wesley at Tata Steel 2020

Magnus ends up scoring 8/13 finishing second in the tournament. Wesley So becomes third with 9 straight draws in the tournament. Whilst Fabi is still playing GM Artemiev with black pieces which seems like he is winning this game. 

Carlsen says, Caruana's performance reminds him of his year 2013, where he had the best performance in the same event, later on, he ended on winning candidates. In his R13 Tata steel chess post-game interview with TV 2, he left the question to play 2020 world championship match hanging n the air, and it's clear he will not yet commit to anything, at least not until all the details, such as venue are unknown. If Magnus does not play world championship match, he will lose his title of world champion.

After round 13 the standings are as follows
1. Fabiano Caruana  9/12 (still playing while preparing this news). Engines are showing -0.09 as of move 41. He is currently playing against Artemiev Kovalev. Fabi is playing with black pieces in round 13.

2. Magnus Carlsen  8/13
3. Wesley So  7.5/13
4. Jorden Van Foreest  7/13
5. Duda Jan-Krzysztof  7/13
6. Viswanathan Anand  6.5/13
7. Daniil Dubov  6.5/13
8. Alireza Firouzja  6.5/13
9. Anish Giri  6.5/13
10. Artemiev Kovalev  6/12
11. Jeffery Xiong  6/13
12. Nikita Vitiugov  5/13
13. Yangyi Yu  4.5/13
14. Vladislav Kovalev  4/13

All games in round 13 ended in a draw. The current game, however, Caruana vs Artemiev is still ongoing. 

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