After completion of round 11, Fabiano Caruana (2019 WC challenger) is a full point ahead of current World Champion Magnus Carlsen. In round 11, Fabi took down Kovalev Vladislav (Belarus grand-master) with black pieces. This is a full point ahead in this tournament becoming the sole leader.

Fabiano Caruana Thinking
Fabiano Caruana

Fourteen players are competing in this tournament (TATA STEEL CHESS) including five-times world champion Vishy Anand, Current world champion Magnus Carlsen and top stars like Fabiano Caruana and Anish Giri with all eyes on 16 years old Alireza Firouzja. This tournament is running on the Netherlands. 

Opening wise the game was Ruy-Lopez Morphy Defense by Fabi. 

In an Interview, Magnus said tournament victory is now "out of the question" after the spectacular draw by GM Jan-Krzysztof Duda in the Italian game. Magnus, however, is still unbeaten for over 119 games. After seven draws, Magnus had three wins but in round 11 he again drew which might cost him this tournament. The 16 years old Firouzja is has lost against three big giants in a row Carlsen, Caruana and Anand.

After round 11 the standings are as follows
1. Fabiano Caruana  8/11
2. Magnus Carlsen  7/11
3. Wesley So  6.5/11
4. Jorden Van Foreest  6/11
5. Duda Jan-Krzysztof  6/11
6. Viswanathan Anand  5.5/11
7. Daniil Dubov  5.5/11
8. Alireza Firouzja  5.5/11
9. Anish Giri  5.5/11
10. Artemiev Kovalev  5.5/11
11. Jeffery Xiong  5/11
12. Nikita Vitiugov  4/11
13. Yangyi Yu  4/11
14. Vladislav Kovalev  3/11

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