Traps for low rated players

From this section, we are going to learn a beautiful trap that exists in chess, that you can apply to your opponents. Kindly this is for low rated players (below 1300). Do not try this at big tournaments. Instead, you can apply this on the bullet and rapid games

1. Fishing Pole Trap: This is the trap from Black's Perspective.

The move order is

1. e4 e5
2. Nf3 Nc6
3. Bb5 Nf6
4. O-O Ng4
5. h3 h5
6. hxg4 hxg4
7. Ne1 Qh4

Black is threating the mate in h1 or h2 square. The only move left is f3 by black and white plays g3 and mate in next move.

 White Opens with e4

Now after this move, if black plays Nxe4 then white can play Re1 getting it's material back.

This move threatens mate in h1 or h2 square.
So White must play f3. 

Now checkmate is inevitable. To the horror of white, Black's are going to play g3. 

2. Legal Trap
In legal Trap, it starts on the Italian Game. Let's see how we set the trap: We are going to set the trap by sacrificing our queen. Let's dive in. We will play e4, as we have discussed, it is an Italian game.
Black in response replies to e5. The same motive of controlling the centre as white has.
We will play Knight to f3. To attack the black's undefended pawn.
Black protects with Knight to c3.
And the Bishop to c4, which is an Italian game. If Bishop to b5, It's Ruy Lopez. For your curiosity here is how to play Ruy Lopez.
Black plays pawn to d6.
A development move from White with Knight to c3.
Black pins White's knight with Bishop to g4.
White plays h3, to question Bishop to go back or capture. Note, this move is useful, as it creates flight square for white's king later.
Here we set the trap. The best move for Black is to capture on f3. If Black retreats with Bishop to h5. And we now set the trap. Still pinning the Knight
We offer our queen to the black by playing the move Knight captures on e5. If black is greedy to take the Queen, the game is over for black.
If black captures the Knight first, with the motive of capturing the queen later, we will capture the bishop with the check.
Most low rated players don't calculate too much and capture the queen. If in this position, Black first captures the knight on e5, then we can play Queen captures on h5 with the check. Black needs to react to this and white will still be upon the material.
Now, we will capture the pawn on f7 with our Bishop, with a check.
The black response is to move the King to e7 because black has no other squares for its king to move.
Another lethal move from White and that is Knight to d5. And that is CheckMate.
We have presented you with two basics traps for you to present in low rated bullet games. If you like this session, we can come up with more brilliant chess traps and techniques to play. Happy Chess!!

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