Chess community halt service to Saint Louis Club and Lichess are going to give up their service for Saint Louis Club. The reason behind this is that some male Grandmasters associated with Saint Louis Club are allegedly groping and harassing female chess players without their consent like Jennifer Shahade and others players who are underage (below the age of 18). Despite knowing all these things, SLC did not actively say or make a bold move against anyone relating to this.

It is revealed on wall street journal on Wednesday that these chess platforms are halting their service to saint louis club. 

 “ will not be providing support for, or coverage of, any St. Louis Chess Club events for the foreseeable future,”'s Chief Chess Officer Danny Rensch told The Wall Street Journal. “We are disappointed by how the leadership at the US Chess Federation has handled this entire situation and hope to see improvements in transparency and action.”

Two times US women champion Jennifer Shahade on her tweets mentioned that GM Alejandro Ramirez assaulted him not just once but twice. She also mentioned that at least 10 other women chess player approached her who were also assaulted by Ramirez. 

The website also described GM Timur Gareyev's alleged sexual misbehavior, claiming to have records demonstrating that he has been the subject of several sexual misconduct allegations since 2019. Gareyev is a US grandmaster of Uzbek descent who is well-known for performing big blindfold simuls all around the world.

Players associated with are yet to see if they prefer to play Saint Louis Tournament. GM Magnus Carlsen is ambassador and we have yet to see if he plays Sinquefield Cup. 

We, Towardschess community, support brave work of Jennifer Shahade. It is our responsibility to create safe space for all people especially women and all other groups that were put behind all this time. This game should be all inclusive and all safe. 

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